Most traders who have been trading long enough have somewhere along the line been exposed to mechanical trading systems, expert advisors (EA’s) or trading robots…

By Richard K. Introduction to Developing a Confident Trading Mindset It is a sad fact that most people who enter the world of online trading will lose their trading capital in a very short space of time. There are plenty of factors that contribute to this like: Unrealistic expectations. Lack of proper trading education. Lack […]

By Richard K Introduction to Risk Management Strategy Many beginner traders focus almost entirely on the how to enter a trade and how much money they can make if things go their way, giving very little thought on how to actually manage their open position and limit their risk properly. Proper position and risk management […]

Elliot Wave Theory

By Richard K. Introduction: Trading Using Elliott Wave Theory The Elliott wave principle was developed by Ralph Nelson Elliott and is used as a form of technical analysis that practitioners use to determine financial market cycles and trend forecasting. His theory proposed that market prices unfold in repeatable patterns or “waves”, as most traders familiar […]

By Richard Krugel Updated February 20th, 2020 Introduction: How to Draw Trend Lines Correctly One of the simplest technical drawing tools is the trend line and traders use them as a visual marker that can indicate a trends direction or serve as a warning sign that a trend is about to change direction. Formulating a […]

By Richard Krugel Updated June 6th, 2019 Introduction to Pitchfork Trading Within most trading platforms lies a very powerful yet often overlooked drawing tool called the Andrews Pitchfork. Traders these days mostly rely on the use of indicators as a means of technical analysis, so much so that they never give any second thought to […]

By Richard K. Introduction to Trading Patterns Technical Analysis Many people think that price action on a chart is completely random but anyone who has been trading long enough would tell you that there are a wide range of trading patterns that repeat themselves in any market and on any time frame. The trading patterns […]

By Richard Krugel Introduction on How to Use the MACD Indicator Traders rely heavily on indicators to assist them with their technical analysis and the variables used to calculate an indicators values are mostly based on the open, high, low, close and volume of a candle/bar. So many variables have led to the creation of […]

By Richard K. Introduction on How to Build a Strategy Most traders will inevitably come to the point where they want to develop their own trading strategy or system, probably because the strategies or systems they have spent their hard earned money on before turned out to be garbage and a complete waste of time. […]