By Richard Krugel Updated October 28th, 2019 Introduction on How to Use the MACD Indicator Traders rely heavily on indicators to assist them with their technical analysis and the variables used to calculate an indicators values are mostly based on the open, high, low, close and volume of a candle/bar. So many variables have led […]

By Richard K. Introduction to Breakout Trades Trading a breakout is simply the act of entering a position when price breaks above/below an area of support/resistance or breaks out above/below a consolidation area or correction. Executing a breakout trade can also be considered as directional trade confirmation, i.e. confirmation that a trend may have resumed. […]

By Richard Krugel Updated June 21, 2019 Introduction to Backtesting Strategies Backtesting is simply the process of testing a trading strategy using historical data so that a trader can see whether his/her strategy has a statistical profitable edge. How to backtest a trading strategy is a vital step that any trader should go through in […]

trading preparation

Introduction to Trading Preparation and Following a Trading Plan Traders that approach the markets without a plan are setting themselves up for failure. Consistently successful traders on the other hand always follow a plan and generally have a daily routine that they follow rigorously in preparation for the trading day. Trading without a plan and […]

Introduction to Price Action Analysis Price action simply refers to a market’s price movement on a chart and traders who look at pure price action alone tend to do so without the use of indicators when making their trading decisions. When most traders start out they tend to believe that the more indicators they use […]

Trading emotions

By Richard K. Introduction to Trading Without Emotion Trading based on emotions is one of the leading factors that causes beginner traders to fail in the competitive world of online trading. There are plenty of mistakes that traders tend to make when they base their trading decisions on emotions alone and although we are all […]